Burners without Borders

Burners without Borders for Hurricane Sandy

For some Sandy brought back memories of Hurricane Katrina, which inspired the creation of BWB. Within days of Sandy, Richard Scott, a founding member of BWB and former head of the Art Support Services Team of the DPW, was on his way to the Jersey Shore to assess where we could help the most.

That place is Union Beach, a small, year round working community absolutely devastated by Hurricane Sandy. (See some of the devastation here http://bit.ly/QPOpCq ) There are over 160 houses that need to be demolished, expensive work that would bankrupt the town. Union Beach asked if BWB could help–and who better to knock a city down so that it can get back up, but Burners? In true playa-synchronicity style, Richard connected with Michael Craddock, a local Burner who had volunteered with BWB/Pisco sin Fronteras doing earthquake relief in Chile, and Michael’s dad owned heavy machinery he was willing to donate to do the heavy lifting of recovery work. Since then, volunteers Jovia Nierenberg & Brenda Zimmerman have shown up to organize the logistics of a long term relief operation.

If BWB-Sandy can demolish all these houses, it will be doing free work worth over $1.6 million, between now and the end of the year. After that, we may go to other communities–if we can, and this is where you come in. We now have the people, and the tools, and the place — the only thing we need now is food and fuel for this growing team. We need to raise $30,000 to fund this all-volunteer, no-cost-to-homeowners gift program.

Support is pouring in — we’ve already received $12,000 (including one anonymous $10,000 donation!), and some amazing fundraisers are happening:
DelRey Bach, FL, December 1st, Advance screening of “Burning Man and the meaning of life,” portion of proceeds to BWB-Sandy www.jpifproductions.com,
San Francisco, December 7th at Book Club, organized by Partners & SUTRO, details here: http://paperless.ly/UZUj1b, rsvp to anthony@543howard.com
Los Angeles, December 15th, BurnLA, The Cruz Coalition & The LA League of Arts are joining forces for a great cause to present the 1st Annual White Blissmass Charity Ball: http://www.facebook.com/events/168101543332273/
Want to organize a benefit? Let us know how we can help!

BWB-Sandy is also networking with area groups in beach and community space clean ups, including supporting Ocean Action Network on a statewide event on December 8th.

To join the network of volunteers, sign in here: http://bit.ly/UP2K37
To make a tax deductable donation via our fiscal sponsor, the Burning Man Project, do so here: http://bit.ly/ShvsWj
Be in touch: www.burnerswithoutborders.com, twitter @B_W_B, www.facebook.com/BurnersWithoutBorders, or sandyrelief@burnerswithoutborders.org.

Burners Without Borders in New Mexico!

Santa Fe Sleeping Bag Project

This winter approximately two hundred youth found themselves outside in the cold in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Without a warm nights sleep it’s hard to function the following day, but some of these youth have kept themselves in school despite the odds. A warm bag can and will make a huge difference, and Chris is leading an initiative to put warm sleeping bags into the hands of these homeless teen.

You can make a tax-deductible donation by using the donation link below or by writing a check made payable to Burners Without Borders. Please indicate “Santa Fe Sleeping Bag Project” in the memo field on your check.

Donations by check should be sent to:

Burners Without Borders
c/o Chris Espeset
551 Cordova Rd. #204
Santa Fe, NM 87505

You can also help support this project by donating a new or gently used sleeping bag. Bags can be left or sent to the address above. Chris will be posting updates as the donations come in and the sleeping bags are distributed.

More info on Burners without Borders here.